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Before you buy any other kit

We have compiled a list a question you should ask before you make any purchase

Cheap offering on Ebay or online maybe tempting but what are you really getting?

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Wheel & Tire size guide TECH/FAQ

How BIG can you go? This gives your maximum tires &wheel combo. > CLICK HERE

Want to be a velocity Dealer?

if your buisness is off-road or wheel & tire,then check out our new Business to Business page with our dealer program. > CLICK HERE

Outside of the USA &Canada

if you are in Australia,New Zealand,Europe,United Kingdom,Ireland,Singapore or South Africa Please email us and we will be able to assist you

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Say godbye to the 'HOTROAD' rake! See how easyit is to install yourself.

TruckGearTV installs a set of spacers on a Toyota 4Runner. A practical overview typifying procedures on most installations we cater for.